5 Elem Fire Hose 2.5x100 ft Double Jacket

5 Elem Fire Hose 2.5x100 ft Double Jacket


2.5" X 100' 5 Elem Double Jacket Fire Fighting Hose,UL(300)  Approved, 300 PSI Working Pressure, 900 PSI Burst Pressure.C/W Aluminum Alloy Couplings.

This double jacket hose is constructed of high tensile strength polyester yarns, lined with a high-tech EPDM tube. Its engineered design guarantees minimum weight with maximum durability and flexibility.

  • he jacket shall be evenly and firmly woven and free from visible defects, thread knots, lumps and irregularities of twist.

  • Manufactured in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1961 standard, latest edition, within our ISO-9001:2008 certified quality assurance system.

  • The polyester construction is mildew & rot-proof, outstanding abrasion resistance with our innovative wisentec coating, tough, dependable and light weight.

  • Construction: Double jacket, polyester spun as warp and filament polyester as weft/-filler, EPDM liner.
    Application: Municipal fire brigades, industrial fire brigades.
    Color: White, red, yellow, green, blue, other colors on request.
    Couplings: Brass/Aluminum NST/NPSH expansion ring threaded coupling, other type on request.
    Standard Length: 50′(15m), 100′(30m), other length on your request.
    Temperature Range: -40°F to 158°F(-40°C to 70°C), other temperature on request

This double jacket hose is constructed of