Escape use compressed oxygen self rescuer self-rescue respirator UP TO 120 MINS

Escape use compressed oxygen self rescuer self-rescue respirator UP TO 120 MINS

The ZYX Isolated Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer(short for self-rescuer) adopts medical compressed oxygen as its air source. It is an isolated completed circuitpersonal breath protection system which has the characters of small respiratory resistance, low aspiration temperature, convenient, safe and reliable, can be reused, etc.

There is carbon dioxide absorbers in the cleaning tank of the self-rescuer which can absorb the carbon dioxide the user breathe out, so this reduces the carbon dioxide in the breathing bag.

There are manual or automatic supplying equipment in the self-rescuer. When the breathing bag is empty or the oxygen supply is not sufficient, the user can press the supplying valve to fill the breathing bag with oxygen automatically or manually.

Main uses:

It is widely applied for the coal mine and the environment where polluted by poisonous gas or lacked of oxygen gas. The working people wear it rapidly and get away from the disaster area safely.

• The product applies ABS engineering plastics as the outer cover which is very tough and will not get rusty. This makes them suitable to use in mine.

• The product applies the high-pressure oxygen tank filled by medical oxygen. It can supply enough oxygen.

• The product applies in the condition when the fire accident occurs in the building. 

Oxygen supply ration

Automatic oxygen supply ration >60L/min

Manual oxygen supply ration >60L/min

CO2 concentration in inspiration ≤2%

Inspiratory oxygen concentration ≥25%

Exhaust valve opening pressure (15~300)Pa

Automatic valve opening pressure (-100~-400)Pa