• HKLJ-1009 concave box basketball backstop(1800mm)

    Product specifications and materials
    1) The outstretched arm is 1.80m, on the rim of the ring is 3.05m away from the ground.

    2) The outstretched arm is welded by 150x150x3.0mm square pipe, and the auxiliary pipe is welded by 40x60x1.8mm square pipe. The column is welded by 150x150x3.5mm high quality large roung corner square pipe.

    3) the case is welded 3.0mm iron plate. The size:


    4) The back pull rod is made by bending once the 40x40x2.0mm square pipe, The bottom feet of the basketball backstop is casting steel. The M12 expansion bolt is used to reinforce the case and the grouns to make the basketball backstop more stable.

    5) The upper fulcrum is made by bending the 32×2.5mm round pipe on the bender once, which avoids the hidden danger of rust caused by welding and welding slag. By adjusting the upper pull rod to adjusted the plane and perpendicularity of the backboard.

    6) The weight o is not less than 500kg/pc


    Specification:1800*1050×10.0(mm) high-strength safety glass backboard with high transparency、good weather resistance、 anti-aging、 corrosion resistance、 not easy to blur and other characteristics. and the lower side of the backboard covered with a U-type padding,the height and thickness of before and after the surface are all ≥20mm, bottom thickness ≥50mm, can effectively protect transport It is not hurt to mobilize dunks

    The backboard is with standard basket ring and Φ18 steel, which is rolled on the automatic tube winding machine. The hoop has good tensile properties and high strength.

    The use of high-strength stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers is strong, which can prevent loosening in long-term use.

    The lower rim of the ring is welded with 12 seamless steel tubes with a φ10*2mm, and PE rope is worn inside. The white rope net is evenly suspended on the PE rope in the pipe, and the basket ring is a double spring elastic structure

    surface treatment
    The final surface treatment was finished on the automatic spraying line by electrostatic epoxy based powder spraying on the automatic spraying line. The thickness of the coating was 80um to 120um. The product has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, moisture and heat resistance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, and the product coating formula does not contain toxic elements, to avoid damaging the health of users.


    All fasteners of the basketball backstop use the Jinyi brand screw, which is a well-known international brand. The surface is hot-dip galvanized to ensure that it will not rust for a long time

    Basketball standard:
    GB 23176-2008 《basketball backboard》

    GB/T19272-2011 《General requirements、safety of outdoor fitness equipment》

    GB 5296.1-1997 《General rules use of consumer goods 》

    GB 5296.7-2008 《the 7 part of use of consumer goods:sport equipment》