SOS-5184 STANDARD NSN: 1670-66-154-8581
SOS-5185 LARGE NSN: 1670-66-154-8580 

The S.O.S Marine Restraint Belt, Retrieval Strap has been designed for hoisting personnel from Ships, Shore and Sea during helicopter operations. The strap consists of a central padded comfort section encased in a durable, high-visibility cover. A webbing lift strap passes through the centre section and each arm of the strap ends in a blackened stainless steel 'D' ring.

A grab handle has been sewn around the foam filled comforter and is only to be used to assist retrieval into aircraft.

the strop incorporates the following special features:

Catchers handle, for pulling survivor inboard
Pass Standard TR2008/812 - AS/NZS 1891.1:1995, Appendix?E (15 kN)
Thick, padded chest strap using closed cell buoyancy foam
High visibility orange cover
Retro reflective tape
Blackened stainless steel D-rings
SOLAS grade reflective tape has been extensively used on the outside of the foam-padded comforter for easy identification and detection at night.
The Webbing is A4019, 44mm x 1.5 Polyester with abrasion resistant lining, meets or exceeds 5 kN in breaking strength
Each strop is individually tested to a Safe Working Load of 272 kg and is provided with a Test Certificate