Inflatable Splint 9A

Inflatable Splint 9A


2 splint set to immobilize limbs 
3 with small carry bag
4 light weight
Air Inflatable Splint

Application: To immobilize fractured/injured arm or leg, widely used for first aid rescue, ambulance, fire rescue, outdoor and other situation.

Description of this splint: Each set include three pieces splint for arm and three pieces for legs, all 6 pcs splint are in different size to fit with different patients. Each set is packed in a portable easy-carry bag.

Easy-operation: Wrap the splint around injured arm or leg, then inflate the splint with pump, inflatable splint also comfort the patient while immobilizing fractured arm/leg.

Size of Arm splint: 37x35cm, 60x42cm, 74x46 cm
Size of Leg splint: 37x40 cm, 63x40cm, 80x40cm
Bag size: 25*21*7cm, 1.4kg