PMI® Classic Rope (10mm x 50M)

PMI® Classic Rope (10mm x 50M)

PMI® Classic EZ-Bend 16-carrier construction combined with the toughest nylon on the market makes PMI ropes some of the toughest in the world. PMI® Classic 16-carrier ropes will always beat 32, 40, and 48-carrier designs made with lesser quality nylons hands down in abrasion and real-world durability tests. Although all diameters of PMI® Classic ropes are 16-carrier sheath design, the denier (thickness) of each diameter’s sheath is different. It is carefully designed to provide the maximum abrasion resistance, “grab” the core to minimize sheath slippage, and provide the desired hand for the intended applications.

Preferred by experienced professionals, PMI® 10mm is the ultimate choice for single person rope work. This rope has nearly the same amount of core and strength of the 11mm Classic, but a 17% thinner sheath to get the smaller diameter and better hand for Rope Access, long ascents, and descents.

Weight: 66.0 g/m
MBS: 26.5 kN (5957 lbf)

Key Features:
• NFPA Certified
• 16-carrier Construction
• CI1801
• Third Party certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
• CE
• Torsionally balanced
• Continuous filament nylon

Made in USA.