Rescue Basket

Rescue Basket

The Koke Hospital Rescue Basket is a sturdy, heavy duty basket designed to fit an ambulance gurney/stretcher for emergency transport from a crane accessible location. Our rescue basket is built with high strength steel and is fully welded. It has a 30″W door opening. The swing out door features a positive locking rod and safety pin so you can instantly be sure the door is secure. Our rescue basket contains four tie down points to keep the gurney or stretcher secure. It also contains lanyard hook points for emergency personnel if needed. The unit is designed with a bar loop over the entry way to maintain solid structural rigidity.

The basket is painted in a high visibility yellow. It also comes with large, reflective lettering on both sides spelling out EMERGENCY RESCUE which makes the basket easy to find and identify. The rescue basket comes standard with fork pockets to make it easier to deliver to and retrieve from the site. The lower half of the basket is enclosed in mesh to help keep everything contained during transport. The open upper half allows for emergency personnel to easily access the patient.

The rescue basket, also referred to as a crane supported emergency man basket, is designed, manufactured and tested to meet all Federal and OSHA regulations related to overhead lifting.

Please view the following link of OSHA 29CFR for rules, regulations and testing requirements on crane baskets.

This heavy-duty rescue crane supported basket is designed to meet the demands of the construction, industrial and mining industry.

The crane supported rescue basket must be tested each and every time it is used. Test weight must be rated for 1.25 times the weight of the basket. Our test weight comes with necessary cabling to secure weight to basket.

Rescue Basket Features:
30″W door opening
4 Tie Down Points
Lanyard Hooks
High visibility yellow paint
Reflective lettering
Fork pockets
Mesh enclosure

SIZE 42’W x 96″L x 42″H