Vacuum Stretcher 7D

Vacuum Stretcher 7D


This Vacuum Stretcher is made of isolative and cold-resisting PVC. You can rapidly and safely adjust the stretcher to be soft or hard by using the double-action pump, which can be easily and quickly operated. It can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the body in first aid to avoid second injury caused by disordered moving, such as cervical and vertebral hurt. It allows X-ray/ MRI examination, and it can be used in the patient transportation by road, sea, and air. Hao Bang vacuum stretcher is specially applicable for fist-aid centers、hospitals、schools、the army、gymnasiums and stations, where accidents occur frequently. 

Technical Features:

Packing (L x W x H): 1200*400*360cm N.W.: 5.5kg G.W.: 7.5kd

Turn right Turn left 
Product Description:

TPU material: Tough;soft as silk skin friendly material on the patient side. Extremely puncture resistant on the outside.

Valve automatically closes when suction stops, no risk of losing vacuum if slipping with the vacuum pump. It can be operated with gloves. To evacuate: turn valve to the right. To release: turn valve to the left.

The patented Multi Chamber System which keeps to beads in the right position and makes fixation quick, safe and easy.

Unique handle and strapping system: color coded straps which are adjustable from both sides;Heavy duty cushioned handles provides optimal weight distribution and are easy on the hands;Straps and handles can easily be removed for repositioning, cleaning or replacement.

It is X-RAY translucent and can be used for MRI. 

Body Shaped Vacuum Mattress (Adult)